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Disapamok Academy Project


Why Disapamok Academy?

‘Disapamok Academy’ is truly like a new sun to lotus buds. Kids are the future of a country. It is essential to nourish them with proper education along with the latest technology and uplift them for a bright future. Madahapola is a very rural area situated in Kurunegala District. Some of the children in this village have never even seen a computer. Some have no income to attend school. Free education & supporting them with essential educational tools required for them to uplift their present situation. Now, the time has come to wipe their tears. Disapamok Academy’ is started to fill this void.

What it does?

At present this academy aids needy school kids with free - education while nourishing hearts of nearly 150 students who have enrolled from Grade 1 to Grade 11. Further it is planned to start a pre-school as well near future.

The teachers in the academy are monks and nuns from Umandawa Maha Viahara Ashramaya who are graduates and have many years of teaching experience in national and international schools.

The uniqueness of this education system is that, it is a blend of studying fundamental subjects such as English, Computer Technology and understanding the rhythm of nature through Buddhism which will influence children from pre-school to high school who can begin broadening their general knowledge and experience, create new innovations and simultaneously learn how to live joyously with team work, etiquette, and working with nature. These activities would definitely take them an extra mile.

How to extend your hand?

  • These children are still learning by keeping their books on top of file covers while seated on the floor. Due to this condition during the rainy days classes are not able to conduct. So they are in need of a building. The proposed basic plan is depicted in page 3. With minimum facilities estimated building construction cost is about 18,000,000 LKR. (3,000 LKR per sq.ft)
  • Further it is required a computer lab, desks and chairs, cupboards, white boards etc…
  • A playground is required for pre-school kids which would cost about 500,000 LKR.

project plan with 3D models of the academy

How to extend your hand?

Kepakaru Dayaka Sabawa,
Siri Sadaham Ashramaya, Bellanthara, Dehiwala
A/C 019-2-001-1-10009931 People's Bank, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.

How to contact?

  • Umandawa Maha Vihara Ashramaya,
  • Melsiripura, Kurunegala,
  • Siri Lanka.
  • Tel: (+94) 775 440 888,
  • (+94) 773 686 686
  • Skype: sirisadaham.ashramaya
  • Canada: +1-778-709-4071
  • E-mail:

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