Retirement Village

Umandawa is entirely volunteer run. Every event and activity is done on a volunteer basis. Inspired and transformed by the words of Siri Samanthabadra Thero, many people have devoted their lives to serve and build Umandawa Maha Vihara Ashramaya.


There are many volunteers who have served and helped immensely for over a decade. They have been given the opportunity to build houses within the premises so that they can be an integral part of Umandawa till the end of their lives.


There are several houses being built at the moment. One has the option of building a house for a single person/a family or share a house with several other volunteers. If you are already a long-term volunteer who has been a part of the Ashramaya family or a member of the Umandawa and wish to build a house at the retirement village, please contact us for further details.


There are several volunteers who have devoted their lives to build Umandawa but unable to be a part of the retirement village due to their financial difficulties. We would be extremely grateful if you are willing to support them by donating money or offering your time and expertise.

You can make your donations to the front office desk at the Ravana Asapuwa or click on donations.

Vishrama Shaalawa (Pilgrims Rest)

Hundreds of devotees, volunteers and visitors come to Umandawa almost every day. Currently, we do not have a designated place where these people can stay overnight and join the ongoing programs and activities. Many people come from far-away places and it would be tremendously helpful if they have a place to stay and rest for a while. With this in mind, we have decided to build a pilgrims rest within the premises of Umandawa.


If you wish to help us in building a pilgrims rest, kindly extend your support through cash contributions or by offering your time and expertise. You can make your donations to the front office desk at the Ravana Asapuwa or click on donations.