Everybody is trying to attain everlasting peace after death. I am telling you how to attain it while we are alive…

Life story


“Life itself is meditation, there is no other…”


Siri Samanthabadra Arahath Maha Thero is an enlightened master who has touched the lives of many who are on the quest for truth. He is known for his rebellious nature and revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation through meditation that goes beyond all traditions and recognizes the needs of the modern man.  Most people search for material wealth and those who have achieved the peaks of material wealth search for something far greater. For them, the greatest treasure is the gift of truth. Many people in Sri Lanka and around the world have transformed their lives through the timeless wisdom and experience shared by Samanthabadra thero. His discourses are one-of-a-kind, fragranced with his humor, wisdom and deep understanding of life.


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Books by Thero


He has published over 150 books and CDs. This is the highest number of books on Dhamma published by a person in Sri Lanka. What is most valuable about these books is that they are not written but are directly transcribed from his audio and video recordings. So, even a single word of the master has not been changed.


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Drops of his wisdom

Whoever became enlightened in this world are the ones who were not bound to any organised religion but the ones who searched for the truth… 

Thero captures the spirit of the Lord Gautham Buddha’s teaching as the basis for his approach but offers a method for self-transformation through his own experience of enlightenment.

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Tours and visits

He has visited many countries and continues to visit many more in order to meet his desciples around the world and also to spread the message of truth.

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